Our Story

I think it first started when I was 13. Having been an exchange student in England, I really learned to appreciate the lifestyle and atmosphere of such a beautiful and diverse place, but the people changed my outlook on life. Their willingness to share, as well as the events that unfolded that summer, inspired me to document life. That was when it started…the mini cooper, the obsessions with English chocolate, and my love for photography and filmmaking.

There is no better feeling than to wake up every morning and to love what your doing. Telling stories is my passion and I could not imagine doing anything else. Documenting people, their emotions, and the energy they feel when they find something they love, is what I live for. Whether my medium is stills or motion, I strive to tell unique stories that resonant with others.

While I am based in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I will drive my little car as far as it can go, as long as it comes back with some amazing stories to share.