If the posts below are any indication, I absolutely love to travel and when Shanshan & Felix inquired with me about their wedding along the Hudson in Cortlandt, New York, I told them to sign me up.  To me, its always amazing when I have inquires for events or commercial shoots hundreds or even thousands of miles away. It is always a refreshing experience to discover a place as you shoot & to weave a story amongst it. Once Shanshan & Felix mentioned that their photographer, Tatiana Breslow, would be photographing the event, it made an already awesome experience, even better. Tatiana and I shot together last year in Roxbury, NY for Zack & Heather’s incredible wedding, so I knew Shanshan & Felix would be just as amazing as they were.

We headed up to New York on a Saturday and checked out the real Sleepy Hollow (super neat), before waking up early and heading to Monteverde at Oldstone for Shanshan + Felix’s wedding + reception. The manor itself, is located directly on the Hudson with beautiful stone paths and a trail leading to the river. With both sides of the family being deeply rooted in Chinese traditions, beautiful decorations hung from the ceilings and walls to celebrate the couple’s happiness.  The ceremony was held outside, and as it began, the clouds parted to reveal an incredible sunset as the couple exchanged rings and said their vows. The real party started with the reception, where Felix & Shanshan entered to “Blurred Lines” with their wedding party, and then went into a choreographed dance. The first dance was hilarious and everyone’s reactions were priceless. As with all of our films, we rely heavily on audio, and the speeches that Shanshan & Felix’s friends and family gave were excellent. After the main events had finished, the All Stars Band took the party deep into the night with some great entertainment and amazing dancing. I hope you enjoy a few highlights of  Shanshan & Felix’s wedding day!

After a very busy September & October of working on commercial projects, weddings, and hours of editing, it was fun to take an afternoon to go exploring with Laura & Chad. Laura attended Sweet Briar College outside of Lynchburg and suggested we photograph their session there. To say it was incredible, is an understatement. The campus is already gorgeous with an estate look to the buildings, a lake, and of course a boathouse, but combined with the gorgeous colors of fall & the love of these two, it was amazing. Laura & Chad are both teachers and were extremely fun to spend the afternoon with. We are excited to photograph & film their wedding next Summer in Abingdon, Virginia & we hope you enjoy the images below!



After a few months of waiting since Marie & James’s gorgeous engagement session in the rolling hills near Harrisonburg, Virginia, we were finally able to capture their wedding at Spring Meadows Farm. If you have not read my earlier post on these two, let me fill you in. I have known Marie ever since high school when we were both enrolled in photojournalism classes & it was totally amazing to catch up with her & to meet the love of her life + document it . I actually saw my photojournalism teacher, John Knauf, at their wedding and it was pretty amazing to be around those who got me into this passion for images. I love that Marie & James picked Spring Meadows Farm because it has a lot of diversity in beautiful places to shoot. From using the rustic wooden floorboards of the barn for details to the rich greens of the rolling hills beside the barn, it was fantastic. Seeing Marie & James meet at the front of the aisle was really special and it was hard not to feel the beauty of two families coming together. After a sunset ceremony, we shot portraits around the farm before heading in the barn for some amazing food and dancing. I’m thrilled to finally share a brief look of my incredible time with Marie & James and I hope you enjoy the images!



I am so excited to finally be sharing Emily & David’s film with you. After a month of commercial and wedding shoots all over the country, its amazing to get back into the editing room and to share some of the incredible projects we have been working on. David found me through my great friend, Brent Levy, whom I worked with for a few years on a film project and after capturing his wedding three years ago. The coolest part of all of this is they live in the same small town as me, and we were able to all meet in person at our studio. It was amazing because we could talk through the entire process while showing films on our theater setup. We really hit it off and luckily they hired us to be apart of their wedding. The second awesome part of all of this is that the wedding took place at Cross Keys Vineyards in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. I live in one of the most gorgeous places in Virginia and this was the first wedding we have ever shot locally (5 minutes away), so I was more than excited to have the opportunity to work with an amazing couple in an incredible place. Luckily Emily & David hired on some fabulous vendors for us to work with and we thrilled to finally work with Cody of Amore Events in Charlottesville. She was phenomenal in making everything not only run on time, but look amazing. After a heartfelt ceremony facing the mountains, guests moved inside for the reception. We witnessed some amazing dancing, filmed/maybe ate some fantastic donuts provided by Carpe Donut, witnessed a beautiful bubble filled exit to an incredible day. I hope you enjoy Emily & David’s film below!

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    Monica Richards Myers - Love the video!

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    Meredith Sledge - Josh, as usual, this is amazing!!! I’m shooting at CrossKeys next summer so this got me excited! Wooo!

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    Cheryl Korba Long - We are so happy that we were there. What a beautiful job they did on this video for you!

Every few months, its great to collaborate with others on a fun personal shoot. Personal work is so important in developing yourself as an artist, and its the chance to do something completely different. My amazing friend & model, Becca Van Cleave, was arriving back in the United States for a month long road trip with her boyfriend and I was determined to find a way to work with her again. My friends Jodi & Kurt Baier of Jodi Miller Photography came up with the idea of a fun Summer shoot that involved vintage swimsuits with a very Vogue feeling. So with the help of some amazing friends, we made it happen. Sara Christensen of The Lady Jane helped with styling and props, while the swimsuits were made by Lynn Lindsay of Brass & Pearl. After a rigorous trip with Jodi & Kurt to find locations, Jodi eventually found an amazing poolside location in Raphine, Virginia. Somehow we convinced Becca’s boyfriend, Jack Clover, to appear in the shoot too and he was great (he made us all martinis afterwards, which were most excellent). We could have probably started an hour early as the light was so beautiful, but it definitely worked. Our storyline was more so of a Summer daydream. I chose to shoot this piece on the Canon C300 with Kurt’s amazing Zeiss glass. I went crazy with the color grading in Davinci Resolve to give it this muted/yellow filmic vibe. I also put a 16mm matte over it and some grain to finish it off. I really love the end result and I’m so excited to share it with you. I’ll have some images from the shoot too to share over the next few weeks too..it was hard to resist the Leica/Contax 645 goodness. Enjoy!!

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    Jodi - Love this!! It’s always great working with you 🙂

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