I am so excited to finally be sharing Emily & David’s film with you. After a month of commercial and wedding shoots all over the country, its amazing to get back into the editing room and to share some of the incredible projects we have been working on. David found me through my great friend, Brent Levy, whom I worked with for a few years on a film project and after capturing his wedding three years ago. The coolest part of all of this is they live in the same small town as me, and we were able to all meet in person at our studio. It was amazing because we could talk through the entire process while showing films on our theater setup. We really hit it off and luckily they hired us to be apart of their wedding. The second awesome part of all of this is that the wedding took place at Cross Keys Vineyards in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. I live in one of the most gorgeous places in Virginia and this was the first wedding we have ever shot locally (5 minutes away), so I was more than excited to have the opportunity to work with an amazing couple in an incredible place. Luckily Emily & David hired on some fabulous vendors for us to work with and we thrilled to finally work with Cody of Amore Events in Charlottesville. She was phenomenal in making everything not only run on time, but look amazing. After a heartfelt ceremony facing the mountains, guests moved inside for the reception. We witnessed some amazing dancing, filmed/maybe ate some fantastic donuts provided by Carpe Donut, witnessed a beautiful bubble filled exit to an incredible day. I hope you enjoy Emily & David’s film below!

  • October 4, 2013 - 2:11 am

    Monica Richards Myers - Love the video!

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  • October 4, 2013 - 4:26 am

    Meredith Sledge - Josh, as usual, this is amazing!!! I’m shooting at CrossKeys next summer so this got me excited! Wooo!

  • October 4, 2013 - 4:32 am

    Cheryl Korba Long - We are so happy that we were there. What a beautiful job they did on this video for you!

Every few months, its great to collaborate with others on a fun personal shoot. Personal work is so important in developing yourself as an artist, and its the chance to do something completely different. My amazing friend & model, Becca Van Cleave, was arriving back in the United States for a month long road trip with her boyfriend and I was determined to find a way to work with her again. My friends Jodi & Kurt Baier of Jodi Miller Photography came up with the idea of a fun Summer shoot that involved vintage swimsuits with a very Vogue feeling. So with the help of some amazing friends, we made it happen. Sara Christensen of The Lady Jane helped with styling and props, while the swimsuits were made by Lynn Lindsay of Brass & Pearl. After a rigorous trip with Jodi & Kurt to find locations, Jodi eventually found an amazing poolside location in Raphine, Virginia. Somehow we convinced Becca’s boyfriend, Jack Clover, to appear in the shoot too and he was great (he made us all martinis afterwards, which were most excellent). We could have probably started an hour early as the light was so beautiful, but it definitely worked. Our storyline was more so of a Summer daydream. I chose to shoot this piece on the Canon C300 with Kurt’s amazing Zeiss glass. I went crazy with the color grading in Davinci Resolve to give it this muted/yellow filmic vibe. I also put a 16mm matte over it and some grain to finish it off. I really love the end result and I’m so excited to share it with you. I’ll have some images from the shoot too to share over the next few weeks too..it was hard to resist the Leica/Contax 645 goodness. Enjoy!!

  • August 29, 2013 - 2:20 pm

    Jodi - Love this!! It’s always great working with you :)

  • August 29, 2013 - 3:14 pm

    Meredith - This is so great!!

  • August 29, 2013 - 5:23 pm

    Sara Christensen - Beautiful film, Josh!!! Loved working with all of you so much!

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    Kurt - Captivating.

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    Richard C. Martin - Beautiful!

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    Debbie Amato - What fun! A beautiful piece – love it!

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    Emilia Schobeiri - Oh I love this so much!

When I first spoke to Inna & Gabe back in January, I was extremely excited about the opportunity to capture their wedding in Georgetown. Not only would I be creating a film for them, but also documenting their day in images. If it sounds like a challenge, it definitely is, but I could not be more proud of what we were able to capture. Inna & I talked several times before their wedding and we had the timeline down to the exact minute. One of the best things about doing photo & video, is that I had so much more influence over the timeline and how everything should run. I also love that they want an amazing film first and then photos, which is super rare. I brought in an amazing crew that included Kurt Baier, Paul Hairston, and Greg Gooden to help me document the day, and I could not have been happier with how well it worked. I served as more of the director and switched between photo & video on certain shots I specialize in, while the rest of the crew covered other sections. We also made the decision to shoot as much of the photography on analog film as possible to emphasis the pink dress and beautiful textures in Georgetown, which was perfect for this wedding. The preps & reception took place at the Four Seasons Georgetown in Washington D.C, while the ceremony was in the heart of D.C at the gorgeous Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. After the ceremony, we headed to Lafayette Square for a few images, and then the locks in Georgetown, which provided a gorgeous backdrop. Throughout the day we really tried to emphasis the coming together of  Jewish, Russian, Armenian, and South American traditions. This also made for some pretty amazing dancing at the reception (I love the hora). DJ Brennan Sullivan of Bialek’s Music got the party started and everyone danced into the night. I really hope you enjoy the film and images below!! Thank you Inna & Gabe for trusting us to capture such an amazing event.

2013 08 26 0002 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 26 0011 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 26 00041 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 26 0001 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 26 0012 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 26 0017 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown

2013 08 26 00151 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 28 0006 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 26 0019 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown

2013 08 26 0018 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 26 0025 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 26 0020 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 26 0021 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 26 0022 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 26 0023 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 27 0001 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 27 0002 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 27 0003 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 27 0004 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 28 0001 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 28 0002 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 28 0004 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 28 0005 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown 2013 08 28 0003 Inna + Gabriel // Wedding | Georgetown

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    Abby Grace - That shot of the bride getting her make-up done + the image of the pink earrings? BEAUTIFUL. I love how rich the colors are! Definitely a good decision to shoot on film :).

  • August 28, 2013 - 10:12 pm

    Kurt - Such a great compilation… I don’t know which I like more the photos or the video.

  • August 29, 2013 - 1:26 pm

    Jennifer A. Phelan - These are amazing photos! What a beautiful couple.

After a few weeks of editing, I am so excited to finally share Nuha & Omar’s incredible Egyptian wedding with you. When I first spoke to Nuha, she mentioned that there was no ceremony, and just an amazing reception. At first, I was a little nervous about how to tell a story without a ceremony, but I soon learned that I had nothing to worry about. From a traditional Egyptian band introducing Nuha & Omar into the reception to an incredible first look in the Airlie Center gardens and finally the absolutely amazing dancing that filled the night, it was absolutely perfect and insanely fun. We started off the day with a little bit of a bang as a microburst occurred right when we arrived at Airlie Center, but after the storm cleared, we captured Nuha & Omar as they had an amazing moment together in the lush gardens. After a beautiful photo & video session in the gardens, we headed to Foxchase Manor for the truly incredible reception. We were so lucky to work alongside the talented Marta Locklear throughout the day and I’m so excited to see her images from the event.  The reception space itself was simply amazing with a leather seating area, gorgeous florals, and a ton of lighting. After a traditional Egyptian band brought Omar & Nuha into room, we witnessed some incredible speeches, an amazing first dance, and  some incredible dancers(I think dancing with swords qualifies as the most awesome yet) as the party went into the night. I hope you enjoy a small glimpse of Nuha & Omar’s wedding day below!

Music licensed through The Music Bed

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    Meredith Sledge - Josh, this is SO good! I love the way you view things and put films together. It makes it so interesting!

  • August 15, 2013 - 2:25 pm

    Stephanie Nunley - Josh.
    Your videos make me cry like. every time.
    Without fail.
    (even when they’re super joyful like this one. Great job!)

  • August 15, 2013 - 6:50 pm

    Andrea York Photography - This is an amazing tribute to this beautiful couple’s big day. Well done!

When Cayla’s mother contacted me about her daughters wedding in Annapolis a few months ago, I immediately said, “Yes”! Annapolis itself holds a pretty special place in my heart as I have worked on a documentary of the Naval Academy and the city is so gorgeous to explore. I had never shot a wedding within Annapolis, and it proved to be more beautiful than I imagined. Beyond the city, I also got the chance to work alongside some pretty amazing people like Charlotte of Charlotte Jarrett Events”, Krista and Davey of Krista A. Jones Photography, and DJ Dan of Premiere DJ Services. They are seriously some of the best people to work, but everything about Cayla and Peter’s day was perfect. From the flower girl’s crown of flowers to the ribbons guests waved as Cayla and Peter walked back down the aisle, it was wonderful. The gorgeous ceremony was held at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel in downtown Annapolis overlooking the bay. It was a beautiful, sunny day and as Cayla & Peter exchanged vows, sailboats passed by in the background. After the ceremony, guests entered into a gorgeous reception space glowing with candles hanging from little trees and tall silver candlesticks. DJ Dan got the party started and no one left the dance floor. Dan always manages to sneak a few dances moves haha. A storm could be seen in the distance, but it never stopped the party. I am so glad we had the opportunity to work with Cayla & Peter, and I am so excited to share their film with you below!!

Music licensed through The Music Bed & WithEtiquette.

Hair : Emidio Vincenzo Escape
Makeup : Emidio Vincenzo Escape
Jewelry : David Yurman and Etsy
Dress: Pronovias
Florist : Intrigue Design & Decor
Wedding Planner/Day of Coordinator : Charlotte Jarrett
Engagement Ring : Jared
DJ : Premier DJ Services
Caterer : Pusser’s Caribbean Grille
Gown designer/retailer : Curvy Girls Bridal
Invitations : Paper Trousseau
Cinematography: Josh Gooden
Assistant Editor: Paul Hairston
Photographer: Krista A. Jones 
Wedding Cake : Fiona’s
Rentals: Rentals to Remember,Party Plus Baltimore, and La Tavola Linen
Draping/lighting: Event Dynamics
Cake Topper : Intrigue Design & Decor

  • August 8, 2013 - 11:58 pm

    Christine Chandler - You just made me fall in love with the wedding all over again. You are so talented and we are so grateful that you were able to make the trip to put Cayla and Pete’s special day on film.

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    Dorothy Harding - Beautiful wedding! Congrats to Cayla and Peter!