I traveled over to Colonial Williamsburg today, which is probably my favorite photography spot in Virginia. I armed myself with the 5D, a bag of lenses, and my new GlideTrack Shooter (I ended up using only one lens and a tripod for this).

Today was exceptional because it was was around 75 degrees and after a ton of snow this winter, it was nice to see everyone outside and enjoying the day.

This brief moment tries to capture that sense of freedom and sense of excitement that comes with the warmer months.

I hope you enjoy it!

Music: Hot Air Balloon – Joseph Vitarelli (from the John Adams Soundtrack – Part of that series was shot in Williamsburg!)

We are so excited to share this post with you, as it has been something in the works for a few months now.  Last weekend, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Jodi Miller Photography on a new project called “E-Fusion”! E-Fusion is a new concept that combines still + motion photography of an engagement session into one medium.  For couples, this means that they will not only receive photos of their engagement session, but a video too. This video can be shared online with family and friends all over the world and help you’re wedding guests get excited for the big day!

Kurt, Jodi, and I traveled to Washington D.C. to work with an amazing couple, Paula &Jared.  Since Paula is from Colombia, they thought it would be fit to incorporate a travel theme into their session.  We came up with several props that would represent them both, including a vintage luggage piece, globe, paper airplanes, maps, and some old-timey letters (a fun DIY we created with tea-stained paper + some photoshop action :] ) . We shot around Georgetown and ended up in a field behind Reagan Int’l Airport (the perfect setting for their theme!). So without further adieu, here is Paula & Jared’s E-Fusion:

Music: “Fly Me Away” by Annie Little

We hope you enjoyed our first E-Fusion! Here are a few behind the scenes images!!

Josh 0008web 1024x682 Paula + Jared | E Fusion

Josh 0002web 1024x682 Paula + Jared | E Fusion

Josh 0004web 1024x682 Paula + Jared | E Fusion

If you are interested in having a fusion created of your engagement session, please contact us for more details!

Last week I was fortunate enough to photograph Andi Arndt, a talented voice over artist. Since 1998, Andi has done all kinds of recordings for use on the radio, TV, over the Internet, and for instructional software products. Her e-learning and product demo clients include Hess Energy, Panasonic, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Blockbuster.

Check out one of the shots from our session below!

IMG 7147AAweb 2 1024x682 Talent Spotlight | Andi

//how do you describe your style?

13555 368246080007 752945007 9837300 4531608 n Questions & Answers | Josh

I would describe my style as journalistic, unique, and modern. We give some direction to our portraits, but we strive to capture them unobtrusively and naturally.

//where do you find inspiration?
My photographic inspiration comes from stories, music, traveling, art, nature, and culture.

//favorite things to film at weddings?
Details are my absolute favorite things to shoot at weddings. I find them so important and reflective of the bride and groom. We strive really strive for capturing the atmosphere and high emotions of the event.

//what did you do before filmmaking?
Before photography, I was an avid traveler. I lived in England as an exchange student for two summers and loved every minute of it. The culture, people, and landscape forever changed who I was and it continues to inspire me today. I also won several awards for my work as a web designer, but I soon found that my true passion was photography and cinematography.

//what do you do when you’re not behind the camera?
I love to go road bicycling. Often you will find me riding through Harrisonburg, Virginia with some friends on the weekly classic ride. I also enjoy going to the cinema and writing.

//favorite artists?
I have many favorites, but Joe Wright would have to be the one that inspired me the most. His style of warm colors and tracking shots always reflect in my work.